Friday, February 22, 2008

Waiting for Who

No I haven't fallen into the vortex of nothingness, I am just quietly waiting for the Doctor to return to television for season 4. All has been quiet and I am not aware of any new rumors of significance since the beans were spilled about the return of Rose. So without any real good rumors (unless I simply haven't heard them) what is a doctor Who fan to do during these quiet in between times?

I had thought I would pick up some of the Big Finish audio productions; I have not heard any of these and it might be fun to explore more of Paul McGann's incarnation of the Doctor in particular. I would be open to hear recommendations as to which productions may be the best or the best to begin with.

I am sure for old time Doctor Who fans this wait between seasons is nothing. The Doctor what off TV for almost 16 years with only one TV movie in the middle to break things up. So, I ask you experienced Doctor Who fans, what do we do in these in between times?


Old Cheeser said...

What do we do? We try to maintain some sense of normality. We go about our daily lives but really, deep down we are counting every day, minute, indeed every second until the return of our esteemed programme. True fulfillment is put on hold until then.

Oh dear. Don't I talk a load of old baloney?

To be brutally honest I have got some reservations about the forthcoming Season Four, in particular the return of Catherine Tate. I am worried that Tate will erm, taint things somewhat. I also think that RTD has long outstayed his welcome and his judgements are becoming increasingly haphazard.

Anyway, let's breath deeply and give it a chance, eh?

And there have been some more rumours actually James...can share them if you like!

TimeWarden said...

I recommend the Paul McGann "Doctor Who" audio "The Chimes of Midnight". It's written by Robert Shearman who also wrote the Chris Eccleston episode "Dalek".

"Chimes" is like a mixture of the classic television stories "The Mind Robber", in that the TARDIS is taken out of time, "Castrovalva" (concept of recursion) and "Ghost Light" (companion with memories of the house the time travellers are visiting). If you like time loops in an Edwardian setting then it's just the story for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh 'Chimes' is indeed GREAT, but I would recomment starting with 'Storm Warning', since it introduces the companion Charley. Every audio featuring her I've listened to so far is great (and there is an arc developing around her in the background, so you should at least have listened to Storm warning before other Charley-audios)

'Shada' of course is a fine stand alone story (featuring Romana and Eight, based on the old Douglas Adams script) settled somewhen between the movie and the Doctor picking up a new companion.

fantom_luv said...

What I do? Well, I go and try to find old Doctor Whos that I haven't seen yet in Netflix or the library or somewhere. I've got a couple that I'm watching, "The Leisure Hive" for one. But, yeah, I'd get the audio Eight stuff, too.

Really, all I recommend is being patient, and trying (remember I said trying) not to think about every minute of every day.



Wow, that's hard to do, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

*That is, think about Doctor Who every hour of every day.

Stupid typos.

fantom_luv said...

It's a pity I can't delete my own comments. That was me, the anonymous that was correcting my typos. Sorry for flooding the comment space.

James Diggs said...

Thanks for the advice and recommendations, I was on the big fish website the other day looking into picking up some of these audio episodes.

It is a shame that Tom Baker hasn't done any of these, I think they would be fantastic. I wonder what he doesn't?

The netflix idea is a good one too.

Thanks again, the good news is that Season 4 is right around the corner.



Anonymous said...

Torchwood not an option?

James Diggs said...

Torchwood is a great option now that it is out on DVD. Thanks for the reminder.