Sunday, April 6, 2008

Season Four is Here

Season/Series four of Doctor Who began this weekend in the UK, but here in the US we will have to wait two more weeks till April 18th! Without giving too much away, I would love to hear about how well it was received in the UK.


fantom_luv said...

Psst, if you're daring, it's up for download around... ;)

I live in the (stupid argh no-Doctor-Who) US too, but I managed to see it. At least in my family, it was very well recieved. It was really well done, Donna was her usual obnoxious, silly self, and there was even a wonderfully terrific happy-dance-inducing surprise at the end. :) Hope you get a chance to see it!

Ann Marie said...

I liked it. It's not going to stand out as an amazing ep or anything like that but it was pretty good. I actually liked Donna which was my biggest worry. It was a bit kiddie, not amazingly though, then again I've been watching Torchwood for the past 13+ weeks. And that suprise at the end, I actually shouted at the screen, whether in a good way or bad remains to be seen.

One of my friends liked it while another wasn't really impressed. My little sister just loved the cuteness. Guess it's a toss up.

Sadly they kept the theme music from 'Voyage of the Damned'. I really did love the other one.

Anonymous said...

Sadly they kept the theme music from 'Voyage of the Damned'. I really did love the other one.

It's actually different :)


Anonymous said...

Well despite some slightly "looney toons"-y scenes, my friends and I liked the episode, not as good as 'Smith and Jones' or 'Rose' but worlds better than 'New Earth'.
During the early middle parts I was a bit afraid of Donna going all Doctor-groupy (OMG not another one of those) but the end had me quite hopeful that Rusty will avoid that possibly disaster.

Anonymous said...

When will we get it Down under In Australia?