Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Look WHO’s back!

Well, it’s a good thing I said in my last post that I only “partly” hoped that the rumors about Rose’s return are not true, because BBC has just confirmed that Billie Piper will return as Rose Tyler in series four of Doctor Who. Like I said before, I really like Rose’s character, my only concern was that I felt that with the romantic affection Rose and the Doctor had for one another, especially so expressed, that there may not be anywhere for these characters to go.

It seems to me that there are only a few options. They could advance the relationship, but I have a hard time believing this would be the direction the show would go. They could end the relationship, or at least the romantic aspect of it. The problem with this is like many fans I actually liked the romantic and sexual tension between the characters, so it would be disappointing to see it end. And if it does end, what would be the point of bringing the character back? Another option is that it could end in tragedy, but I thought the last exit of Rose was tragic enough and at least had a silver and hopeful lining. I am not sure they could credibly repeat another exit of the character like that when Billie leaves the show again.

I suppose the only other option would be to have it so she could not travel with or see the Doctor all the time. I kind of have a sneaking suspicion that her return could be linked to the return of the Time Lords and Gallifrey. If you remember it was said that it was only when the rest of the Time Lords were around that traveling between parallel words was possible. So it seems reasonable that it may take the return of the Time Lords to bring Rose back from the parallel word she was stuck in. I also think that if Russell T Davies is considering wrapping up his tenure as producer of Doctor Who that he may also want to wrap up a story line that was clearly and uniquely his- the story of the “Last of the Time Lords.” So I can see Davies ending that story line and leaving the Doctor in a universe with other Time Lords again for the next producer to take on. Anyway, perhaps in a story line like this one Rose (who was becoming an equal and peer with the Doctor anyway) would be needed in some way to continue working with the Time Lords. Perhaps this might even put her somewhat at odd with the one she loves as the Doctor again becomes somewhat of a renegade among the Time Lords.

Ok, perhaps that is a crazy idea, but that is how I would handle it. But all we can do now is wait and see how the producers and writers handle Rose’s return and where it will go. As a fan I have to admit I am a bit leery of the idea of Rose’s return, but the production of the show since Doctor Who was returned to television has proven to be innovative and creative and makes use of a lot of extremely talented people. At this point I will just have to put my hope in their proven track record, and sit back and enjoy the ride. Welcome back Rose!


Matt M said...

She's only been gone a year. Bringing her back now (especially alongside Donna and Martha) seems a bit desperate - The Doctor/Rose relationship was good, but the series needs to move on and develop new ideas if it wants to avoid getting stale.

James Diggs said...

That was my thought too Matt, but I guess since its true that she is returning all we can hope for is that that they give it the best story line they can.



Scandalous Candice said...

I am going to blog roll you on my site. I like Dr. Who. I am a bit behind on the series though. It took me a while to get used to David Tennant. Now I love him. So I have some catching up to do. But I am glad for Rose's return. She is the best.

herk said...

Oh I so hope you are right.
I fear that I don't share your optimism completely, because in my eyes they did already make some mistakes in the relaunch. The whole of season two felt, like they didn't know where to go with Rose/Doctor and that could oh so easily happen again. And there were really weak episodes like Fear her or idiot's lantern I never need to see again. And I fear they will overuse Rose like they did with the Mega-Dalek-invasion in Doomsday and...
If I didn't love the series so much I probably wouldn't be that afraid of them screwing this up.
On the other hand when they first hinted that Spike would fall for Buffy I was like OMG -NOOO!!!
And than it strangely enough worked out (at least for me) without detroying the character. Since Moffat and Davis are at least as talented as Whedon there is still hope.
And you're idea with the Time Lords, well... it would contradict a whole lot of the fundaments of the series but it might just work.
Off to pray now that it won't suck.

(I don't know how you found my blog, but I always return the favour of visting ;))

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks for your comment on my LJ!

I'm going to hold back and wait before I go flying off the handle...ok, so maybe not.

I love Rose. She was fantastic and she matched the Doctor perfectly and she held her own against him. I loved the little romantic aspect of it because it really hit you in the end.

But what was the point of her leaving like that when the whole last ep bordered around her NEVER EVER being able to come back? We get to watch a whole season of him pinning away for her, ignoring Martha and Donna...for what? Is this rewarding a bad child syndrome?

I sometimes worry that RTD has gotten too full of himself and listened to too many fanfic ideas for his own good. I know this is a fantastical world and the impossible happens, but when you back track on your own improbability, it's really hard to follow after that.

I really hope I'm making some sense here. I really did want Rose back, but I've come to peace that she's gone. Now I'll have to deal with her leaving all over again. Thanks for pouring lemon juice into an open wound, RTD.

I lope that Torchwood redeems him this season.


Anonymous said...

I never saw a romantic relationship. The Doctor sees Rose as the human being that gave him reason to beleive in the human race again, and himself, that's all he loves her as, , the emboidment of what he has regained faith in. Rose just sees him as a shag.

Wait until the episode airs, in all likelyhood the "fans" (and Jesus do I hesitate to say that), will be hoodwinked again by clever telivision theyll dismiss as "bad" because it surprised them. As Fry once said in Futurama "Unexpected things make people feel scared"

mark said...

Hi! I'm Mark, the one you commented today.. thank you for visiting me! :)

Now I'm here, I'll tell you what I think about all the Rose-thing.

The new series of Doctor Who 2005 was presented in a certain way, and the fact the title of the pilot was the name of the new companion wasn't an accident, imho. The whole season, and also the following one, showed us all the adventures from Rose's point of view. The main character, for the first time in the Who story, wasn't anymore just the Doctor.

The events of Doomsday were devastating, but things happens, and Rose and her family were stuck in that universe. End of the story. Probably the Doctor had found his true love (I've never seen (yet) the past series, I don't think there was an affair between the Doctor and Sarah Jane, probably it was just an unrequited love.. I have some doubts about Romana..) and he lost it.

I think that Donna will bring the Rose-question again. She was interested in her and in the relationship between the two since her Christmas Special, and probably it'll be her to pull the Doctor to find a solution to rescue Rose. And I hope Martha will be there too, cause she must see how much the Doctor cares and loves Rose. And she won't be hurted, probably she'll have a love story with the doctor seen in the finale of season 3..

My fear is that once that they are reunited, and they'll save the world (or the universe, whatever..) Rose could tell things like "I can't come with you, because now I have a life, I'm a mature person blahblahblah" and THAT would mean kill Rose as character. Rose was the one who gave up her family because of the Doctor, the Doctor was the only priority in her life and she simply CAN'T tell things like these.

I hope she won't leave the Doctor. After this season there will be 3 specials and not a proper season (that will be air in 2010) and Billie and David can handle this situation. Maybe, in the future, there will be another regeneration, and tings will change.. who knows?

My wish would be seeing Rose in a woman suite, hardly working in Torchwood, without a proper life, and shattered inside since the day she's seen the Doctor for her last time.. *__*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my LJ as well.

Overall, I agree with your assessment of the series and the return of Rose. For me, I'm now afraid to watch series 4 because I really really liked Rose and I admit that I'm a closeted Rose/10 shipper (yes, I just came out of the closet. Only to say hello. *hello*) and I'm afraid they're going to butcher her character. Given the quality of most of series 3, that's not all out of the realm of possibility.

I also agree with the anonymous poster who made peace with Rose's departure. I'm one of those people too. I never really warmed up to Martha and I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of people loudly proclaimed Freema Agyeman to be the better actress just because Martha was less...not Rose...but to be honest, they're both almost the same to me. They're different characters, after all.

So we'll see how this goes but after the fiasco with Captain Jack, I, for one, will be watching with a pillow clutched to my chest so I can bury my face in it when it gets bad.



Josiane said...

Thanks for your comment, and agreed one hundred percent with your analysis. I can't see how they can bring her back when they wrote themselves into a corner with the romance storyline - as you say, within the practical confines of a TV show, the only way for the story to end was with an enforced and irrevocable separation. To go back on that undermines their whole story, as that is still the only possible resolution. I like your theories, and I do trust Russell T. Davies etc with the show - they've not gone wrong so far - but this particular development has me very wary... I love Doctor Who, I loved the Doctor/Rose storyline (fully paid up shipper here!), and I really really hope they don't screw it up!

PopCulture Dude said...

I agree that there are some really corny storylines that could come from this. As you know I am interested more in the relationship that could develop between Martha and Rose, possilby similar to Rose and Sarah Jane, but I think the interaction between these two very strong yet very different women and having The Doctor in the midst of it could make for a really intriguing storyline.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm personally optimistic, although I do see the danger of a failure. Your ideas are good, I'm hoping much the same.

I've wanted her back since she left and I've got my wish. So now is the time for us to face the consequences.

Vrian Sinth said...

Nice post and outlook on the return on Billie Piper. I am trying to be optimistic on her return as Rose. I really did like her chemistry with David Tennant and think it could add a lot to the feel of the show. Thanks for visiting the Martian Outpost.

Old Cheeser said...

Wow, you're certainly attracted a lot of comments there James. I'm in general agreement with the people who say that bringing Rose back is a mistake. At least that's how it seems initially. I particularly agree with the point about Rose being stranded in an alternative universe with no possibility of return - if in fact the character then returns it seriously undermines the dramatic weight of this whole idea! I thought "Army of Ghosts"/"Doomsday" was an excellent final story for Rose and a fitting departure. To then bring her back seems pointless. I said over on my own blog, if the script and storyline are of a decent enough standard there may just be a way round it. So I might just be persuaded. Mind you the season finales do seem to be declining in quality - I hated "Last of the Time Lords" and found it a very messy, tacky ending to season 3.

But it does seem that RTD is becoming increasingly bedazzled by the need for gimmicks and publicity stunts in Dr Who, hence Billie's return. Not to say soap opera-type theatrics! I can already picture the "bitching" scenes between Rose, Martha and Donna as they all try to out-vy each other for the Dr's attention...well, maybe. Personally I'm tired of all these "mooning over the Dr" storylines and I'm just afraid it will rear its head again.

For heaven's sakes, whatever happened to consideration for decent storylines??! It doesn't matter which guest star or celebrity is featuring in this week's episode, it's the quality of the writing/script/acting that should be paramount. If we can get stories of the calibre of "Human Nature"/"Family of Blood" and "Blink" this shouldn't be so hard to achieve. Unfortunately RTD seems to be rapdidly turning into the JNT
of the 2000s...

Thanks for allowing me to post my thoughts, folks.

Anonymous said...

Fantom_luv here! Thanks for inviting me to check this out. Seriously, these are all my thoughts exactly. There's this large part of me that's screaming, 'No! They're going to kill the character!' Don't get me wrong, I desperately wanted her to return as soon as she left because her character and the Doctor's just worked so well together that it was very enjoyable to watch. When the show changed, I was scared I wouldn't like it anymore. But I did, and I was adjusting, you know? So bringing her back better be well thought out and well performed. (I like the idea of the Time Lords returning.)
Gonna go pray that it will be well done, now. Thanks!

cfmillhouse said...

I really wish she would stay gone to tell you the truth. I thought the relationship between her and the Doctor was getting a bit over the top and that's really not what Doctor Who is about.

Alicia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I agree with most of what you're hoping for with Rose, definitely that her return is tied to some larger arc. It sort of looks like it must be. Anywhoo, at the very least maybe we'll get a bit of a brighter close to their relationship.

Ann Marie said...

Thanks for the comment. Great blog.
No one I've talked to so far seems overly excited by her return. I suppose like everyone we'll just have to wait and hope they do a good job of it.

Anonymous said...

Let me jst start by saying I am a big, big fan of Doctor Who and a big, big fan of Rose Tyler.

So im praying that RTD really doesnt screw it up, because for me watching the series finale of Series 2 is what Doctor Who is all about. It had what every episode of Dr. Who shud ave especially the new ones. It had action, daleks, cybermen etc. but most of all it had emotion and character.

The ending of Doomsday was so geniunly heartfelt, that i admit made me cry and tbh i dnt tend to cry when watching tv/movies or reading a book.

Wen i first heard roes was coming bak I was overjoyed cause Rose was a fantastic character.

Now im filled with apprehension, that if RTD screws this up thats it for me and the new Dr. Who. I wouldn't be able to watch it anymore.
Doomsday made Doctorwho wat it was, bringing bak Rose Tyler might destroy it.

Oh God, plz dont RTD or any1else for that matter destroy the character and her relationship with the Doctor!