Friday, November 23, 2007

44th Anniversary of Doctor Who

TimeWarden has reminded me that today is the 44th anniversary of Doctor Who! Doctor Who first appeared on BBC television at 5:15 pm (GMT) on 23 November 1963, staring William Hartnell as the Doctor. And so began the adventures of our favorite hero traveling through time in a blue Police Box with his companions battling for good against such evil foes such as the Daleks and Cybermen!
Happy Birthday Doctor Who!


TimeWarden said...

I love that picture of Hartnell, James. He looks as though he's been genuinely through the mill and the only other time I can think of in which the Doctor has appeared similarly dishevelled is at the close of "The Caves of Androzani".

Have you heard the sad news that original Producer Verity Lambert passed away on the eve of the show's anniversary?

James Diggs said...

Thank you, I liked that picture too- it captured the wonderful adventure story I think Doctor who has always been; not just for the doctor but for his companions also.

I did hear the sad news of Verity Lambert’s passing, and I thought the post on your blog about her was a very nice tribute. I did not know much about her life until yesterday so I appreciate your sharing about her; and I am thankful for all the fans that posted about her yesterday and this morning. She has left us a great legacy and I appreciate it that the more informed fans, like yourself, shared their memories of this wonderful person so we can all remember and better appreciate her enormous contribution to the show she helped create.



Mark said...

Great blog, nice comment on my Verity post thanks.
Love the idea of a journal of impossible things as a blog , so genious. Keep up the good work on the site :D

Sosia said...

Thanks for such a lovely comment on my Verity Lambert post. It made me glad that I'd made it.

(Great blog by the way)